How to Prepare Project Synopsis

Synopsis, preferably, should be of about 3-4 pages. The content should be as brief as is sufficient enough to explain the objective and implementation of the project that the candidate is going to take up. The write up must adhere to the guidelines and should include the following (not necessarily in the order as given below):

Name/Title of the Project
Statement about the Problem
Why is the particular topic chosen?
Objective and scope of the Project
Methodology (including a summary of the project)
Hardware & Software to be used
Testing Technologies used
What contribution would the project make?
Guide’s Resume and his/her willingness to guide.

TOPIC OF THE PROJECT: This should be explicitly mentioned at the beginning of the Synopsis. Since the topic itself gives a peep into the project to be taken up, candidate is advised to be prudent on naming the project. This being the overall impression on the future work, the topic should corroborate the work.

OBJECTIVE AND SCOPE: This should give a clear picture of the project. Objective should be clearly specified. What the project ends up to and in what way this is going to help the end user has to be mentioned.

PROCESS DESCRIPTION: The process of the whole software system proposed, to be developed, should be mentioned in brief. This may be supported by DFD’s/Flowcharts to explain the flow of the information.

RESOURCES AND LIMITATIONS: The requirement of the resources for designing and developing the proposed system must be given. The resources might be in form of the hardware/software or the data from the industry. The limitation of the proposed system in respect of a larger and comprehensive system must be given.

CONCLUSION: The write-up must end with the concluding remarks-briefly describing innovation in the approach for implementing the Project, main achievements and also any other important feature that makes the system stand out from the rest.

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