Making your final year project work for your first job !!

How do you think you could make your final year project work for your first job?

Not all students realise the potential of choosing a good final year project….

Can you imagine that the Multi National Corporation, Google earning billions of dollers now was once the final year project of students from Stanford University?

Choose a work of study that you would enjoy doing and not just for the sake of degree. Start experimenting how it could be connected to the real world scenarios.

The project you choose must showcase your individual talents and expertise in your area of study. Though you might be just beginners, fly your thoughts and bring out something innovative and a possible piece of work at the same time. It could even be a part of a huge creation which can be expressed as future developments. Projects which are more interactive in nature tend to attract attention.

Get inputs from experienced people for guidance and put your thoughts into action.  Who knows your creation could make you a billionaire one day !!

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