Project Proposal Template & Content

Below is a format and tips for preparing your initial project proposal report:

• Table of Contents

• Abstract

In one page, certainly not more than two, summarize the main features of your project, what problem it is solving and how you propose to solve it. This brief overview should give a snapshot of the overall structure of your final year project.

• Introduction

Outline the scope of your project. How did the problem present itself to you in the first place? Describe the nature of the problem in detail.

• Case Study and Literature Review

Describe what you have discovered in your literature search or market survey. Does this problem exist anywhere else? Who is working on it? How have others solved it? Give references to some of the main articles/books/Web pages discussing this problem.

• Proposed Solution

Outline in detail your approach to solving the problem. Describe the proposed solution methods and the progress you have achieved. Reference your formal specifications and design documents, which can be placed in the Appendix. If you have implemented a prototype of your solution, discuss it, and describe its behavior.

• Implementation Plan

Lay out the project implementation plan for your study. Discuss the project’s target and milestone dates. If you will be implementing your project in discrete stages, describe them and discuss how far you think you will be able to get.

• Conclusion

• References

Include here all materials referenced within your report.

• Appendix

Some of the highly technical details from the above sections can be placed in the Appendix and referenced from the body of the report. Include all relevant technical documentation, such as specification documents, design documents, and code listings.

In summary, the Initial Report is written in the style of a working document rather than a finished report. It introduces your problem, looks at what others have done in this area, presents a proposed solution, and describes an implementation plan.

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