Tips on presenting the results of your project in project report

One of the most important parts of the report is the presentation of results. However, do not simply include massive printouts of raw data. That will be virtually unintelligible to a reader. Instead, organize and present your data in a way that focuses on and highlights the important ideas. It may be a table, chart, or graph, but be sure to spend adequate time preparing high-quality visualization aids that enhance your final report.

All of your tables, charts, figures, and graphs should be numbered and have titles. Both the number and the title should be centered either directly above or directly below the table. Use something like the following figure numbering scheme:

Figure 1-2. Graph of Average Running Time

where the digit 1 in the figure number is the chapter where the figure is contained, the digit 2 is simply a sequential number within the chapter that uniquely identifies this figure, and “Graph of Average Running Time” is the title of this figure.

Here are some other things to remember when presenting your results:

* All rows and columns should have an appropriate title

* All units should be clearly indicated

* Tables should be referred to in the text by their figure number

* The analysis and meaning of the values contained in the table should be fully elaborated in the body of the text.

* Make the visual large enough that all the text and data values can be easily read.

* Where appropriate, use color to highlight your chart and make it easier to understand and interpret.

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